How to become faster at design thinking

What is design thinking?

The design process that provide teams with a structured and scalable way to approach new problem


In other to create desirable and meaningful product or services, you need to understand who yours users are and what they need.


After gathering all this insights from the empathise stage, you will need to analyze all the findings. This is called Synthesizing.

Your goal is to formulate your problem statement. The problem statement is different to a business outcome since it keeps the user in focus.

Over 30s in Nigeria needs flexible, affordable access to better internet network in order to keep their job.


Now that you have a clear problem statement. It’s time to get ambitious and explore unique solutions common methods and tools include:


The aim of the prototyping stage is to turn your ideas into something tangible which can be tested on real users. Common methods and tools include:


The testing phase will quickly highlight any design flaws that need to be addressed. Common methods and tools include:

Always be process driven, jumping into design might be quicker, but then you will never grow and always be stuck as a visual Designer.

Always track how your designs are performing, build library of best practices (not just reference you steel off the web) so you can be confidently justify your designers.

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